Welcome to the Family Razzy

Some of you may remember that one of Mark’s promises when we got married, was that he’d purchase me a horse as our wedding gift. He in turn, got his fish finder the same month we got married, I however, had to wait almost 2 years for this lady to join our plethora of animals.

Meet Razzy

Meet Razzy

Meet Razzy. She is a 15-year-old paint mare and perfect for me, being a new horse owner and all. She was purchased from a rescue north of the cities, and is kind of lazy. But that is okay! Not much seems to phase her. She loves food just like me. Although, I personally can’t see hay being appetizing, but to each their own!

Razzy the day I brought her home. Checking out her new digs.

Razzy the day I brought her home. Checking out her new digs.

Do you have any advice for a first time horse owner? Did you ever have an animal you always wanted and finally purchased?

Razzy on her first ride out.

Razzy on her first ride out.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family Razzy

  1. She’s beautiful! My husband has experience with horses, I do not solely a cow person. Our 3 year old son is obsessed with them. So for his birthday we caved, did what any irresponsible parent would do and bought him a very large pony we can all ride lol. Said pony is great with husband and our kids, but I think Jack knows is have no idea what I’m doing. I ride him and he does as he pleases… We are now looking for a buddy for Jack, I believe that they may be contagious.

  2. What a unique and memorable face your Razzy possesses. You look like one happy horse owner. Yeah to Mark for fulfilling his promise to you.

    I always wanted a horse when growing up. But Dad would never buy one because he could see no use for one on a dairy farm. Plus, the cows needed the feed, not a horse.


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